We are a network of Uni Students looking for piano tutor work across Australia…

We offer you 1 on 1 home piano lessons in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra for students of all ages & levels.

If you are looking for an eager, professional & reliable piano tutor to come to your home – one of us will be available and can provide you a very reasonable piano tutoring rate.

Meet Our Piano Teachers

We are currently students at universities across Australia. We live in various parts of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Canberra and are looking for more private piano tutoring students in their homes.



Piano Tutor

I’m Sarah, a classically trained pianist studying a Bachelor of Music at the Sydney Conservatorium. I love to incorporate technology into my teaching, using apps and software to enhance learning. My unique approach helps students stay engaged and excited about their progress.



Piano Tutor

Hello, I’m Grace, a pianist studying at Griffith University. I specialise in teaching beginners, ensuring they build a solid foundation while having fun. I’m dedicated to tailoring lessons to each student’s interests, whether it’s classical, pop, or jazz.



Piano Tutor

I’m James, currently studying at the University of Queensland. I’m passionate about exploring different musical genres with my students, from classical to contemporary. My unique skill is arranging popular songs for the piano, making lessons relatable and enjoyable for students of all ages.



Piano Tutor

I’m Peri, and I studied at the University of Western Australia. I bring a dynamic approach to teaching, focusing on both technical skills and musicality. My unique skill is helping students develop their own compositions, fostering creativity from the start.



Piano Tutor

I’m Olivia, a graduate of UNSW with a Bachelor of Music. I’m passionate about making classical music accessible and exciting for all ages. I love incorporating storytelling into my lessons to help students connect with each piece they play.



Piano Tutor

My name is Will, and I study at the University of Melbourne. I bring my passion for jazz to every lesson, teaching students the art of improvisation and rhythm. With my experience in multiple bands, I help students gain confidence in performing.

The musical talents of your child will shine brightly after their piano lessons. Watch Piano Lessons Australia student Ella play the piano.

Beginner Keyboard & Piano Lessons

Because of the old-fashioned method of teaching piano, many people imagine a strict, regimented teacher drilling Bach into unwilling children. Our aim, however, is to make our students love playing music. In most cases, we start students off with a repertoire of familiar songs, making learning easier and more fun for beginners.

The fundamentals of music theory, piano technique & performance are covered in every lesson. We encourage our students to play a range of musical styles as they progress, to open their minds and keep students interested.

Intermediate to Advanced Piano Lessons

We keep a close eye on our student’s development, and as soon as we think they are able, we like to bump them up to the next level and challenge them with more advanced techniques.

The more students are immersed in the ins and outs of technique and theory, the better their musical development will be. Moreover, at this stage, in addition to the private lessons and the group rehearsals, we typically get our students into live performances on stage.

Let’s Play Piano Together!

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Keyboard & Piano Lessons For All Ages

You can take these lessons in the traditional way, such as in-person piano lessons at home. Or, if it is more convenient, you can take them online. Either way, private piano lessons can speed up your progress, make practice more enjoyable, and improve your chances of gaining any real success on the piano.

Our teachers here in Sydney are able to help students from all age ranges: from seniors, adults, teenagers, to young children






We have a program called Kindy Keys designed to be playful, attention-getting, and confidence-boosting in order to get preschoolers motivated and happy to learn to play the keyboard. Preschoolers taking this program will also learn the basics of rhythm and notes through a positive and fun experience to help set the right tone for the students future in music.


We always want to make sure that kids have fun during our lessons at the same time as they learn to play their instruments proficiently. Our lessons cover a vast array of musical styles, keeping students interested and broadening their musical horizons. Students are encouraged to prepare for piano exams, where they can study up to Grade 8 Piano and become qualified pianists if they choose.


Teenagers who take our lessons gain confidence and skill in their instruments as they learn to work as part of a team or band. In addition to their private lessons, teenagers participate in group rehearsals, which typically lead to a live performance at some point, to build on the confidence and ability of the individual student.


It’s never too late to pick up an instrument, and our teachers are used to teaching adults just as much as children the basic fundamentals of playing the keyboard or piano. Depending on the adult’s inclination and skill level, these lessons can also be supplemented with group rehearsals and live performances, as in the case of teenage or even talented pre-teen students.


Local Teachers for Private Piano Lessons in Your Home

Piano Lessons Australia is the right place for you, especially if you are interested in private piano classes or lessons with certified piano teachers in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

You can take these lessons in the traditional way (in person) or, if it is more convenient, online.

Either way, private piano lessons can speed up your progress, make practice more enjoyable, and improve your chances of gaining any real success with the instrument.

The modest cost of 1 on 1 piano lessons far outweighs the long-term rewards.

Our professional local piano teachers can help students of all age ranges, from seniors to adults, teenagers, and young children.

In addition to the physical aspect of learning to play the piano, your teacher will also introduce you to the basics of music theory, such as chord progressions, the fundamentals of voice, key training, chord inversion, and note counting.

In addition, you will learn exercises to facilitate and improve your technique more quickly, such as hand-to-keyboard posture and finger speed exercises.

In short, your piano teacher can offer techniques and insights that will help accelerate your progress in a way that you likely won’t achieve if you teach yourself.

No matter whether you are at an advanced, intermediate, or beginner level, our teachers have a variety of styles and backgrounds, which means it should not be hard to find the right match for your skill level and musical taste.

Each of our teachers’ specialties is listed on their profiles, along with additional details like their personal background, photos, student feedback, and availability for lessons.

Students who prefer to take their piano lessons online can learn conveniently from home, pay lower rates, and choose from a broader selection of teachers nationwide.

If you have any experience taking music lessons using Zoom, you will probably love our online one-on-one piano lessons.

We are so confident that you will be happy with your first lesson that we offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for their first lesson.

With no risk involved, why not find



There is no clear-cut answer to this question, and it really depends on the student’s own motivation more than their age.

Lessons for young learners (students under 6) focus on the fundamentals of music, which can be built upon as they grow. For more mature students learning for the first time, lessons will focus on styles you are interested in playing! Whether it is Jazz, Popular Music, or classical, we want to see all our students grow into talented performers.



Our piano teachers are always eager for new students. Find a piano teacher to come to your home within a week from enquiring! All beginner students also receive a free beginner songbook, valued at $22, to get you on your learning journey quicker than you could imagine. We offer 30 minute, 45 minute, 60 minute and 90 minute lesson blocks.

Your fee will include the private lessons, and all associated learning materials and guides.



Some young children at the age of four may not be ready to learn the piano due to their limited dexterity and patience.

However, at Piano Lessons Australia, we offer a specialised Kindy Keys program designed for this age group to introduce them to the basics of music and keyboard engagingly and enjoyably. While progress may be slow, the experience can still be valuable and rewarding for young learners.


Kayla has been teaching all three of our children piano lessons weekly for more than a year. She is great with the kids (ages 7 to 14). She is not only talented and knowledgeable about music but also passionate about the art form.

She has been excellent about keeping them interested and excited about music and performance. I highly recommend the teachers from Piano Lessons Australia!

Renoo Menard, Happy Mother

FAQs About Our Private Piano Lessons

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    What commitment is required to learn piano effectively with an In Home Piano Tutor?

    Effective learning with an In Home Piano Tutor requires a commitment to regular lessons and consistent practice. To achieve the best results, we recommend setting aside time each day for practice, maintaining a positive attitude, and communicating openly with your tutor.

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    Can adults with no musical background start Piano Lessons?

    Yes, adults with no musical background can start Piano Lessons and achieve great success. Our lessons are tailored to adult learners, focusing on building foundational skills at a comfortable pace and exploring musical interests that motivate and inspire.

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    What success rate do students of your In Home Piano Tutor service have?

    Our In Home Piano Tutor service has a high success rate, with many students achieving their musical goals, whether that’s mastering a challenging piece, successfully completing examinations, or gaining confidence to perform. Our personalized, supportive approach ensures each student’s success.

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    Can I learn to play my favourite songs during my In Home Piano Tutor sessions?

    Absolutely! One of the joys of our In Home Piano Tutor sessions is the ability to tailor lessons to include your favourite songs. This personalized approach not only makes learning more enjoyable but also more motivating as you play the music you love.

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    What genres can I explore with my Piano Lessons?

    Our Piano Lessons cover a wide range of genres, from classical and jazz to pop and contemporary music. We encourage students to explore different styles to become versatile pianists and find the music that truly inspires them.

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    What sets In Home Piano Lessons apart from online tutorials?

    Our In Home Piano Lessons service offers personalised, one-on-one instruction tailored to your specific learning style and pace, something online tutorials can’t match. Our experienced teachers provide immediate feedback, answer questions in real-time, and adjust lesson plans to maximise your progress and enjoyment.

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    How can Piano Lessons enhance my child's academic performance?

    Piano Lessons can significantly enhance your child’s academic performance by improving memory, concentration, and time management skills. Learning music also fosters discipline and can boost self-esteem, all of which contribute positively to academic success.

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    Do I need my own piano to start lessons with an In Home Piano Tutor?

    Yes, having your own piano or keyboard at home is essential for practising between lessons with your In Home Piano Tutor. If you need guidance on selecting the right instrument, our tutors are happy to provide recommendations based on your needs and budget.

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    How flexible are your In Home Piano Tutor scheduling options?

    We offer highly flexible scheduling options for our In Home Piano Tutor services, understanding that our clients have busy lives. Whether you prefer weekdays, weekends, mornings, or evenings, we work with you to find a schedule that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

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    How do In Home Piano Tutor sessions work?

    In Home Piano Tutor sessions are tailored to fit your schedule and learning preferences. Our tutors come to your home, bringing professional piano instruction to your living room, and are equipped to provide a comprehensive, personalised lesson plan that aligns with your musical goals.

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    What are the advantages of having a Piano Teacher Near Me?

    Having a Piano Teacher Near You offers unparalleled convenience and the opportunity for regular, consistent lessons. It’s easier to stay motivated and make progress when your teacher is readily accessible, making local lessons an ideal choice for learners of all ages.

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    What makes your In Home Piano Tutor service stand out?

    Our In Home Piano Tutor service stands out because of our personalised approach to music education. We bring the best piano instruction directly to your home, offering convenience, comfort, and a customised learning experience tailored to your individual needs and goals.

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    How can I find the best Piano Teacher Near Me?

    Finding the best Piano Teacher Near You is easy with our service. We connect you with highly qualified, experienced piano teachers in your area, ensuring a perfect match for your musical goals and preferences. Start your musical journey with confidence by choosing our expertly vetted instructors.

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    What age groups do you cater to with your Piano Tutor services?

    Our Piano Tutor services are available to students of all ages, from young children to adults. It’s never too early or too late to start learning and enjoying the piano.

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    Do your In Home Piano Tutors have Working With Children Checks?

    Yes, all our In Home Piano Tutors have valid Working With Children Checks. We prioritise the safety and well-being of our students, ensuring that our tutors are thoroughly vetted and qualified to provide a secure learning environment.

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    Can I choose my Piano Teacher based on my musical preferences?

    Yes, we strive to match students with a Piano Teacher who not only fits their learning style but also shares an interest in their musical preferences, whether it’s classical, jazz, pop, or another genre.

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    Are Piano Lessons suitable for beginners?

    Absolutely! Our Piano Lessons are designed to cater to students of all levels, including complete beginners. We start with the basics and gradually build up to more complex pieces and techniques.

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    What curriculum do you use in your Piano Lessons for Beginners?

    At Piano Lessons Australia, we use our exclusive “Joys of Piano” series for beginner piano lessons. This curriculum is designed on the foundation of modern music and caters specifically to modern students. The Joys of Piano series makes learning fun and engaging, ensuring students develop a strong musical foundation while enjoying contemporary pieces that resonate with their tastes and interests.

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    What curriculum do you use in your Piano Lessons for Young Children under 6 years old?

    At Piano Lessons Australia, we use our exclusive “Kindy Keys” curriculum for children under 6 years old. Developed on the foundation of modern music for modern students, Kindy Keys is designed to be engaging and fun, capturing the interest of young learners. This curriculum introduces children to piano basics in a playful and interactive manner, setting a strong musical foundation while making the learning process enjoyable and age-appropriate.

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    How long does it take to see progress with a Piano Tutor?

    Progress depends on several factors, including the student’s dedication, practice frequency, and starting skill level. However, with a committed Piano Tutor, students often begin to notice improvements within a few weeks of consistent practice.

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    What makes your Piano Teacher different from others?

    Our Piano Teacher brings a wealth of experience and a personalized teaching approach to each lesson. Focusing on individual strengths and areas for improvement, our teacher ensures that each student receives tailored guidance to achieve their musical goals.

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    Why should I consider taking Piano Lessons?

    Piano Lessons offer a unique opportunity to improve coordination, increase concentration, and foster an appreciation of music. With personalized instruction, you can progress at your own pace and see tangible improvements in your playing abilities.

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    What are your teaching qualifications?

    We are highly experienced in teaching students of all ages and skill levels and have been playing the piano most of our lives.

    We have all undertaken a government-certified Working with Children Check, and you will soon discover we are very friendly and patient with children to make students comfortable with learning at their own pace.

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    Am I too old to start playing the piano?

    Absolutely not! There is no right age to begin learning a musical instrument; the best time to start is now!

    We specialise in piano lessons for adults and can teach you your favourite songs, how to read music, theory, or anything you’d like to learn about the piano.

    The piano is a fun and great way to exercise your creative abilities so don’t just dream about it, start learning.

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    What styles of music do you teach?

    We are qualified to teach all styles of music, whether you’re interested in popular, contemporary, classical, jazz, or musical theatre.

    However, we encourage our students to explore all genres to show them just how interesting the piano can be.

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    How old should my child be to begin piano lessons?

    Children as young as five can begin learning the piano and basic music theory.

    We are very experienced in tutoring young children who are complete beginners and have all the patience and personality needed to engage your child and give them the best start in their musical journey.

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    Do I need to own a piano or keyboard?

    You will need to have your own instrument at home to take lessons with Piano Lessons Australia.

    Pianos may be out of some people’s price ranges, but keyboards are perfectly fine for beginners. Introductory keyboards are an easy and affordable option for homes without a piano.

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    What areas do you service? On which days of the week?

    Depending on location & teacher availability, lessons can be held on any day of the week and taught around all suburbs across Australia’s capital cities.

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    Do I need to travel anywhere for my lessons?

    We will come to your home, meaning you don’t have to fight traffic to get to after school lessons.