Looking For Piano Students? Build Your Student Base Today - No Upfront Fees

No sign up costs, no upfront fees – we have students of all ages & experiences looking for piano lessons in their own home all over Sydney.


piano teacher job
piano teacher jobs


There’s no need to work for a music tuition centre when we can deliver you your very own students. Be your own boss & deal directly with your own students. We will get you started & fully set up & running like a professional….

Are You A Piano School Looking For More Students?

The cost of advertising is sending many piano tutoring businesses to the wall…. Imagine expanding your existing student base for no upfront costs. Only pay a very small fee for new, fully paid booked in lessons.

“We are proud to help new & existing piano teachers profit from their dedication to their students.”

Kayla Caruso, Managing Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set my own lesson prices?
Yes you can! You can easily add your default hourly rate right into our Timetabling/Invoicing software. If you adjust your price at any time, you can also update it in our software. If you need help setting your price our team are more than happy to give you advice.
How far do I have to travel to conduct lessons in Students homes?
Just as you are able to set your own lesson prices, you also get the opportunity to specify how far you are willing to travel to students homes. We will always aim to keep students less than a 20 minute drive away from your location and trial lessons close to your existing classes.
Can I have lessons in my own home/studio?
If you have your own studio or prefer to host lessons in your own home you are more than welcome to set this as your teaching preference. However, our students find our services attractive because we mainly offer in-home lessons, hence we recommend offering teaching services in students own homes.
What else is included in the fees?
Teachers will have access to:
  • professional invoicing software
  • online timetabling software
  • a large database of teaching materials including workbooks & worksheets
  • ongoing teacher training & advice
  • personalised marketing materials online and offline
  • and be connected to our great community of piano teachers
Do I need any previous piano teaching experience?
Previous teaching experience is preferred, but if you are new teaching we have many training resources to get you started in this exciting dynamic career path. You can start your new career slowly with beginner students and grow your teaching skills with their piano skills.
What qualifications do I need to apply?
Preferably, teachers should be above Grade 7 level with any internationally recognised examination board (AMEB, ABRSM, etc). A Bachelor degree in Music with any major/minor combination is also preferable, but not absolutely necessary.
How do I apply?
Enter your details and one our team will be contact to organise a short interview. Unsuccessful applicants are able to apply again at a later date.

We Only Have A Limited Number Of Opportunities Currently Available 

Unfortunately we can not take on every application

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From 0 to 14 students in less than 6 months. I would have never achieved this without Kayla and her team… Thank you for accepting my application to join. Zac Torresvillas

Private Piano Teacher, Penrith

Kayla has taken the headaches away when it comes to our marketing our family owned piano teaching services. …..the number of qualified student leads Kayla generates for us has been a game changer for our business. Ray Sayah

Piano Teacher, Inner West