How to become a piano teacher In Canberra

My piano teacher, John is superb and very talented. He is very patient with his students and he cares. He specializes in piano lessons and tailors them to suit the needs of the students, which I actually consider incredible!!! You won’t regret taking lessons. I assure you =)


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We are a network of Uni Students looking for piano tutor work….

We offer you 1 on 1 home private lessons for students of all ages & levels in the convenience of your own home

If you are looking for an eager, professional & reliable piano tutor to come to your home – one of us will be available, & will be able to provide you a very reasonable piano tutoring rate.

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How to become a piano teacher In Canberra

Piano Lessons Australia are always searching for talented teachers like you to work with us, on your own terms. Our music teacher work feature competitive rates, flexible scheduling, and students matched carefully to you based on your instrument, preferences, and availability.

To become a teacher with us, you’ll need:

First, we would like a completed work application form and be sure to answer all given questions as honest as you can with enough relevant details. We will also review your CV or resume, if there are any incomplete details, your application will be tagged incomplete until the missing information or document is received.

In applying with us, you also need to declare the city you wish to teach in. If you are moving soon, please wait until you have your new address before submitting your application.

After we received your completed application, we will screen it and some of the most important elements we look for are are your qualifications and experience with piano. If you do not have a certificate or higher in Piano Studies – i.e. Certificate of Performance, Diploma or AMusA, or Bachelor of Music Degree, don’t worry. We accept applications for as long as you have at least completed grade 7 in your principal instrument.

At Piano Lessons Australia, we offer independent and flexible working environment to our teachers.

After you have been profiled, on the next stage of your application, we will share a link on your email with our questionnaire. This will assist the team in collecting further details, such as your years of experience, things you like doing while teaching, how you want to incorporate classroom settings to be able to teach well, and even assess your back ground in teaching. These things are needed to create your piano teacher profile and promote you to new potential piano students. You will be asked to describe your performance and professional experience on piano and in music in general.

No experience in teaching? | How to become a piano teacher In Canberra

Fret not. we accept teachers without experience in teaching. We fully train our teachers according to our tennets and qualities to have a general approach that reflects our school.  We also provide teaching materials, and everything you need to know about teaching. All we expect from you is a sound knowledge of general music theory, be able to read the music sheet and has enough experience playing the instrument for years.

We also prefer that teachers has their own car to be able to drive with in the radius that they declared and in various locations.

Below are a few guide for new teachers:

  • Music Teachers: Make Sure You Empathize With Your Student

Skill and love of the instrument are important to becoming a piano teacher, and might make you a magnificent player. However, to be a truly remarkable teacher it needs a lot of work and you also need to know how to put yourself in your student’s shoes and adjust to their level of piano playing or experience.

Full time teaching to play the piano, whether they teach starters or established pianists, can be extremely satisfying.  But if you’re a skilled pianist, but new to teaching, becoming a piano teacher will challenge your educational work and social skills.

  • First and foremost, you will need to learn good marketing strategy to attract as much new people to your piano lessons. One significant skill is to make popular songs simpler for beginners. This comes useful for all type of learners, especially adult beginners, who may go into their first class to learn piano with strong ideas about which pieces they want to play or take, but aren’t quite equipped to go about something so complex yet.
  • A good teacher will always plan each lesson according to the way child learn. Making more complex songs easier keeps adults and kids alike interested, and prevents putting adult or teenage students off by making them play Mary Had A Little Lamb repetitively.

Simplify your explanations

Though you have already overcome a high level of music theory, method, performance and interpretation as a teacher, you will also need to know how to simplify your explanations regarding music theory and piano technique to allow students to take in information at their own pace.

This means review on your piano pedagogy and creating an accessible and simple piano method for your beginner students. If you are thinking of taking your first piano lessons with us, you may send us a message with your name email and time of availability so we can schedule your interview as soon as possible.

For beginners especially, knowing how to listen patiently and correct mistakes kindly is significant.

While teaching piano lessons is normally joyful atmosphere, it can be frustrating when a teenage student refuses to practice, or an eager adult beginner keeps making the same error over and over again, or a toddler won’t focus in their lesson.

If you are giving lessons as a teacher to younger students, try radiating your mind back to yourself at their age, and ask yourself how long your own attention length was and the kind of teaching you responded best to, No doubt, you may remember your kindest and most empathetic teachers the most dearly, and you probably tried the hardest in their lessons. Following them will help you get the best from your own piano students. In time, you will feel your job is something you look forward to.

You’ve been through the same. Teach with experience

If you’ve been playing the piano for years, you’ve probably had your own challenges- a piece or technique that slip away from you no matter how diligently you practice. Thinking of your own musical challenges will help you empathize with the problems of your students.

But before you go off and look how to get a work as a piano teacher read on to discover the different pathways to getting the level of piano required to enter piano teaching.

Where To Teach Piano:

Sad to say, music education is declining in both public and private school. With fewer choices to learn the piano at school, many students hoping to learn to play the piano are turning to cultural institutions such as local conservatoriums and music schools. These conservatoriums and private music schools are moving in to fill the gap. Like Piano Lessons Australia, we are a private instutition that provides inhome private piano lessons and also teaches online music classes via via Skype or Zoom.

We like to spoil our teachers by raising the bar higher in terms of pay. We offer flexible working arrangements and follow the schedules of our teacher. We pay on time and we take off the head ache of late payments from students.

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