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My piano teacher, John is superb and very talented. He is very patient with his students and he cares. He specializes in piano lessons and tailors them to suit the needs of the students, which I actually consider incredible!!! You won’t regret taking lessons. I assure you =)


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We are a network of Uni Students looking for piano tutor work….

We offer you 1 on 1 home private lessons for students of all ages & levels in the convenience of your own home

If you are looking for an eager, professional & reliable piano tutor to come to your home – one of us will be available, & will be able to provide you a very reasonable piano tutoring rate.

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Piano Lessons Near Me In Sydney NSW

Private piano lessons can speed up your progress, make practice more enjoyable, and improve your chances of gaining any real success with the instrument. Our students can choose to take piano lessons the traditional way (with a piano teacher side by side) or take the lesson online.

Piano Lessons Australia gives you a variety of music teachers with different styles and backgrounds which means it should not be hard to find the right match for both your skill level and your musical taste.

Our music academy is blended with piano teachers of different techniques and insights that will help to accelerate your progress in a way that likely will not happen if you teach yourself.

One on one piano lesson brings confidence and passion to our students as our music school aims to develop real success with the students. Our professional local piano teachers can help students from all age ranges: from seniors, adults, teenagers, to young children with any musical styles ranging from classical jazz to contemporary music.

Whether you are a beginner looking to get a solid foundation to build on or you are looking to take your existing skills to that next level, visit and get a quote. Our music academy is willing to visit you at home and do side by side to equip you to unleash your potentials.

The Benefits Of Learning Piano

Whether you’ve grown up in a musical family, or a family that dreams of watching you play piano in the Sydney Conservatorium, or even just claim the slightest musicality of anyone you know, playing musical instruments, especially piano, has relentless benefits. Furthermore, studies show that starting piano learning is never really too late – the mental and physical benefits apply to all ages.

For children, studies have shown that musically inclined kids with lessons perform better on reading comprehension, differentiating background noise from speech, and rapid auditory processing than non-musicians on average. Music lessons may have a good and lasting impact on the brain, building further neural connections in childhood that may last a lifetime and helps compensate for cognitive declines later in life.

While everyone wants the best for their children, it is very challenging to find the right activity they will enjoy and commit to. Piano lessons give a variety of positive benefits on life skills, it improves discipline and commitment hand in hand – as our piano teachers happily give private lessons and make learning a very fun and exciting environment.

Music education definitely brings enjoyment in acquiring new lessons and exercises good physical coordination and brain function suitable for any age.

Studies show that piano lessons links to improved memory, social, mathematics, reading, creative, and comprehension skills. To simplify, piano lessons link to multiple brain functions, physical coordination, and increased creativity.

Learning to play piano in classical jazz music or contemporary hits offers amusement and rewards of training on a new skill. The process of acquiring this new skill helps in turn with school activities, art, sports, and daily routines. Understanding the music theory and learning the discipline in the process very well adds appreciation to music and richness to life.

In countries where the sound of the word matters and may confer different meanings, music lessons helps as it trains the ears for different sounds and that in turn helps in speech. Studies convey that children who went to music school had shown a significant advantage over children in the regular reading group by particularly defining words that differ by a consonant.

On the other hand, children who have piano lessons and reading groups present better than children who received neither theory lessons when it comes to defining words based on vowel differences.

Another related study used electroencephalography ( EEG ) to measure brain activity and found that children or adults with piano lessons had greater adaptation and responses when listening to a series of tones of different pitches than those with none. This suggests that a greater sensitivity to differences in pitch helps an individual to distinguish better.

Learning different lessons in music theory displays advantages for recognizing differences between sounds – including speech sounds, way better than just reading. These advantages may imply schools and families should invest in music and there will be a generalization to speech sounds.

Fun Facts About Learning Piano

Did you know that a pianist is also an athlete? Musicians use a lot of small muscles that makes them an athlete of their type. Athletes usually warm up before doing any physical activities such as jogging. They do stretching to keep those ligaments and tendons flexible to prevent any type of injury. This allows their body to adjust as activities demand it. It is typically the same when doing piano lessons or any other instrument.

Warming up before starting to play will enable the musician to play better, avoid straining of the hands and wrists, and gives you that utter feeling of being connected before that hard work of practising.

Those many hours spent practising specific types of motor control and coordination (when each finger on each hand are playing and doing something different), along with the music-reading lessons and listening skills, are all factors contributing to the brain boost that shows up later in life.

Our love for music supports the heart and core of everything we do. Our team fully recognise the multi-layered benefits of learning a musical instrument, especially the piano. Here’s a list of outlined cognitive benefits supported by groundbreaking researches in having piano lessons:

  • The ability to process sound signals usually depreciates through time. However, a recent study conveys that those who continually play music have helped in reversing the decline in brain processing, memory, and inner ear hearing loss.
  • There is a study conducted that musical training in specific increments towards greater difficulty boosted second grader’s math skills significantly better than their peers.
  • The “Mozart effect” having piano lessons showed early language development and spatial-temporal intelligence for preschoolers.
  • As mentioned above, it improves reading comprehension. Those who learn piano showed the ability to differentiate pitches, memorisation exercises improve comprehension skills, and good reading performance.
  • When playing jazz music, brain activity strives to improvise to create unique sounds and different styles. This enhances creativity with passion.
  • Good time management is essential as with any responsibility or hobby. The balance between your daily life routine and practice requires time organisation as it becomes challenging to one’s ability. This in turn develops into life long skills that may assist in pressing time matters.
  • Did you know that while playing music, scientists discovered that the discipline of playing music is equivalent to a full-body brain workout. It strengthens many areas of the brain and improves the ability to concentrate, to be able to focus, and apply knowledge. So playing the piano shouldn’t be a surprising factor in triggering the increase in patience, discipline, and concentration which could also be applied to daily life.
  • Cortical mapping increases finger speeds, which in turn challenges the brain motor movement and strengthens coordination. Children and adults who have reduced motor skills may improve when having piano lessons as it increases neural activities, strengthens hand muscles, and improves eye coordination.
  • Learning the piano and improving the rhythm with the help of a dedicated piano teacher – has shown positive effects on reading skills in children. Children who practice different levels and areas of music involves training in increasingly complex rhythm, tonal and practical skills which enhances their cognitive performance in reading skills.
  • A study was conducted that children who undergo piano lessons for three years may result to have higher self-esteem and higher school music achievement tests. Learning the piano and mastering it is very rewarding and definitely boosts one’s confidence.
  • Playing the piano encourages cultural diversity and open-mindedness. Learning to play the piano is a way to expand and explore different cultural sounds, styles, and types of music. This will definitely broaden one’s skill as they explore different themes.
  • A study was conducted and have found that piano practice, regardless of age, can serve as a holistic and natural treatment for mood disorders and depression.
  • This digital age draws everyone to electronics and too much screen time. Too much screen time often leads to brain atrophy and impaired cognitive function. Learning piano lessons in turn promotes health benefits for both kids and adults and naturally exercises the brain.
  • Piano allows kinesthetic and tactile learning. Studies say that participants who are involved in piano lessons as leisure showed better psychological and neuro improvement on the scale they were using as opposed to those involved in sports and painting.
  • While many people say “they are not a musical person at all”, any human regardless of age can benefit by playing the piano. Learning piano, as supported by the studies of well-known schools across the globe, may change how someone’s brain processes information, and life long skills are honed as it is developed.

Piano Lessons Near Me

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You have visited the right place! Piano Lessons Australia is here to guide you all the way through in finding your real success with the instrument. Our music teachers are very passionate about what they do and loves to see the growth in every student. We cater to students of different styles and levels, ranging from classical music to contemporary hits.

Our company aims to develop the love of music in our students, and we usually start with songs they are familiar with which makes it fun and easy to learn. Your piano teacher will also introduce you to the basics of music theory and will facilitate to improve your technique such as hand keyboard posture and finger speed exercises.

Piano Lessons Australia offers one on one private music lessons either through the traditional way (side by side at the convenience of your home) or online. Take advantage of our discounted online music classes and the flexibility to choose schedules and teachers on your preferred time online. Our academy is a team of qualified piano tutors coming from different backgrounds, experiences, and styles which means it shouldn’t be hard for you to find the right match regardless of your level – advanced, intermediate, or beginner.

We have qualified teachers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, & Perth available to visit you and start your love for piano. Let’s start this journey together until we bring out the very best in you!

Visit and book a lesson today!

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