Studio Policy 2020

Please note: In booking any lesson with Piano Lessons Australia, you are agreeing to this policy. 


  • Lessons are booked on a weekly schedule throughout the school term, your lesson will be scheduled for the same time each week.
  • Lessons are available during the school holidays and attendance is encouraged but optional.
  • Lessons do not run on Public Holidays.

Lessons for the 2020 School Year are will be running through the following dates:

Term 1: 28th January – 9th April
Term 2: 27th April – 3rd July
Term 3: 20th July – 25th September
Term 4: 12th October – 18th December



Trial Lessons:

  • You will be sent an invoice to confirm your trial lesson. The invoice should be settled no later than the day of your scheduled trial.
  • Invoices are to be paid by Direct Bank Debit or Credit Card. All credit card payments incur a 2% transaction fee.
  • There is no obligation to continue lessons with the teachers of Piano Lessons Australia after the trial lesson.
  • The cancellation policy outlined below applies to both trial & ongoing lessons.
  • By committing to future lessons with Piano Lessons Australia, you are agreeing to the conditions laid out in this policy.

On-going Lessons:

  • You will be invoiced for the school term upfront. You have the option of paying the invoice in full, or in two transactions.
  • You may pay via Direct Bank Debit or online via credit card.
  • All credit card payments incur a 2% transaction fee.
  • A school term is 10 lessons. If you are starting lessons within the school term, you will be billed for the remaining lessons of the term.



Student Cancellations

  • If a student wishes to cancel a lesson, please email Jourdy at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson at [email protected]
  • Students may also cancel lessons through the MyMusicStaff student portal.
  • Cancellations made before the 24 hour notice period will be rescheduled or credited.
  • Cancellations made within 24 hours of the scheduled lesson will not be rescheduled or credited.
  • Students with planned absences will not be charged if we are notified of the dates at the beginning of the term.

Cancellation Of Prepaid Termly Lessons & Refund Policy

For pre-booked lessons, cancelling a term and requesting a refund will result in a 10% service charge, and a processing fee applies.

Refunds may be held in credit against your account for future lessons if requested.

Or you may request a refund for the remaining account funds at any time by contacting Piano Lessons Australia.


Teacher Cancellations

  • If a teacher is unavailable for your scheduled lesson, the lesson will be rescheduled or credited.
  • A substitute teacher may be provided if your regular teacher is unavailable.

If you have any other questions, please email us at [email protected]