The Best Age To Start Piano lessons

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The Best Age To Start Piano lessons

What is the best age to start piano lessons? The right age for learning piano or any other instrument is usually around four years old. Many four year old kids can achieve great success with piano lessons. Starting a ten year old student with training may have a little easier time learning to play though as their hands already fit the keys.

As younger children are short in attention span, it is still best to take advantage of their curiosity in nature. Young children loves to play and explore, and if driven on the right direction, it should be the best time to cultivate their perception.

Is my kid too young?

Parents gifted with children of great musicality usually show signs of incredible cognitive development. The great gift of musical education will start them out on a path that will enrich their lives in so many ways.

Studying music develops discipline, with hand-eye coordination, good intelligence, and creates a skill that delights all who listen. There are news that a child who received keyboard instruction in young age had more brain growth, including better motor skills than their playmates.

First of all, there is no perfect age to commence. However, there are things to consider. There are examples of children who started like three years of age on the instruments but, that is very rare. Other kids who start as late as ten or eleven can also become excellent professional pianists.

Those who start later is probably not be ready to enter college as a piano major. But they can still get many benefit. Anyone who wants to learn, and diligently puts in the hours of long practice, is still able to reach exemplary skills and enjoyment.

If the child shows interest at first, support and it will have benefits.

Children who shows interest in the piano should be able to explore and learn on their own phase. As they are always active and curious, the attention span might be shorter. It is always a struggle if you put a child early at this age in piano lessons. But most teachers are equipped to handle such cute little ones. Though at times, the teacher’s precious time will be spent in redirecting the child’s attention to the piano.

Instead, parents should be doing things to cultivate a general interest in music. There are a lot of ways involving into music. Singing for example, or dancing, and listening to recorded music. These are things you can do introduce at home with children at any age and showing them how to play an instrument occasionally.

Also, consider putting your child in a good music program. These programs like what we have in Music Lessons Australia builds awareness of musical concepts like rhythm and pitch and lay a good foundation for learning a musical instrument.

How do you know if your child is ready?

First, the size of the hand

Every child starting with piano should easily place their fingers on five adjacent white keys. And for some, that’s a big stretch! Before playing, you need to make sure its grown enough for them so they could be comfortable at using a keyboard.

They should have finger Independence

Before beginning piano, they need to be able to move individual fingers. A child who can use different fingers on three black keys to play is ready for lessons at school. A child who plays picking out a tune with a finger is probably not ready.

You need to practice finger placements with your child to help them get ready for piano lessons. The will warm their tendons up and helps them be flexible.

Interest in Music and the Desire of Kids

This is probably one the most important thing, your own child’s desire and eagerness for a piano lesson. If they are fully motivated to learn the piano, it will even out the trials and overcome any sort of difficulties. If the motivation only comes from you, you’ll need to find ways to be interesting, other wise, its likely you’ll end up with a power struggle.

Benefits of learning an instrument

A student who may want to have a piano lesson as early as three, will surely develop skill at an early age. Kids who have had a year of kindergarten and are used to adult-directed learning are adaptable for easier learning. Their brains pick up languages and build new connections really. Also, their hands are agile and flexible, and should able to start playing perfectly with grace year after year.

Some news from researchers shows that after eight years old, one of the window of a child ‘s opportunity for musical learning closes. Though they say, its never too late to learn piano, playing the piano requires the ability to focus. Students with more practice and hours of playing might compensate the lost opportunity.

Home Study

If they begin reading notes right before a child goes to school (like how they learn ABC’s at home) , they may take on even higher changes of comprehension in reading and math subjects. Students will benefit if they begin now, cognitive developments are shown when involving in music learning. It is proven by numerous researches and studies.

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