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My piano teacher, John is superb and very talented. He is very patient with his students and he cares. He specializes in piano lessons and tailors them to suit the needs of the students, which I actually consider incredible!!! You won’t regret taking lessons. I assure you =)


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We are a network of Uni Students looking for piano tutor work….

We offer you 1 on 1 home private lessons for students of all ages & levels in the convenience of your own home

If you are looking for an eager, professional & reliable piano tutor to come to your home – one of us will be available, & will be able to provide you a very reasonable piano tutoring rate.

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What Piano Tutors should look for in a blog post | Your Best Piano tutor In Perth

There are lots of great new piano blogs out there from piano teachers and composers that are well written, and I believe having an excellent blog should compose of the following:

  • The content of the writing is interesting.
  • The writer consistently offers out of the box ideas
  • There are challenges to be a better piano teacher
  • The thoughts are clear, informative, useful to musical teachers

Here are some of the blogs that we find very useful for any music teacher. It may help in delivering music lessons to play with and learn for children and students’ education.  The piano lessons tips are helpful ones that every school piano teacher should have.

Piano Tutors Perth –Good news! That’s this page!  Of course our page should be on top of the list! Piano Tutors Australia specialize in creating Music that every student would love. Our piano tutors shares their passion for music by teaching piano lessons and guitar lessons with utmost love and attention, and we make learning something to look forward to.

We offer guidance on Australian music exams and charge less on our tuition fees. We got you covered on guitar learning, Bass, Drums, Violin, Singing and any instrument at all.

We have countless of blogs that you could learn from and get tips for your piano or guitar lessons or anything related to music. Piano Lessons Perth have song writing competitions every year, a simple way of us giving back to our students and for them to get used to a friendly competition exams performing the lessons they’ve learned from each class.

Start learning music, play your favorite Australian song on the guitar or piano with a fab teacher whose been teaching Australian songs for years, making lessons fun and exiting. Experience the difference in our classes as we bring different concepts on the instruments as it is crafted out of years of experience in playing. Contact us today to learn more about our available music studio locations across Australia.

Take advantage of our best tuition rates while still available. We offer half the tuition on our trial tutor Lesson, Read our reviews and start your piano keyboard music school learning in Perth as we take the Australian Music lessons to the next level!

Diane Hidy’s Piano Tutor Tips–Diane is a music master teacher, a good performer and a music composer. Her learning experience is very appealing. She makes solutions very simple for common problems to a piano teacher. Her out of the box ideas are captivating yet practical. Very useful for learning tutor lessons on the piano, something to be looking forward to. They are very resourceful piano lessons ideas.

Piano Teacher Resources–Susan Paradis, like Piano Lessons Australia, is a music tutor who creates lots of useful games in lessons and worksheet exams for her students.  She uses these work sheet exams to gauge the learning of her student. She also made available free resources for a music teacher to download. Piano tutors could learn a lot from time to time the games she crafted and created.

They are very useful for children lesson and playing. Her games are the best! Our students really love the lessons in each game and the lessons our tutor incorporated in their music class.

Tim Topham–Tim teaches progressive piano on his studio. He delivers weekly podcast that tackles lots of issues every piano tutor face. Like Piano Tutor Australia, he blends popular music into his lessons for high learning results. This is is one of the best technique in keyboard lesson/ piano music lessons with high relativity for children.

Leila Viss– The author, Leila Viss is famous for The iPad Piano Teacher and makes reviews for piano using the Ipad. On her school of music, she share ideas on how to get piano teachers teach using the Ipad even without being techy by nature.

So if the piano teacher needs help with her lessons using technology, her blogs could definitely help. If you play music in your android phone and needed to switch to Ipad, visit her school of music to get fresh ideas on how to teach your instruments.

Piano Pantry– The author, Amy makes a segment every Friday called “Friday Finds” where she links to lots of different things that piano teachers might find supportive. Amy also has non-piano related “finds” where it makes it diverse and fun with good quality.

Elissa Milne– Elissa Milne is a piano teacher and a new composition writer. She composed the Little Pepper Series published by Faber Music as well as other anthologies published in Australia. Elissa’s blog posts are useful and always challenging.

It makes me think of out of the box ideas and applications for teaching. Her blogs are highly recommended if you wanted some help on  music composing for students, piano pedagogy, music analysis, and a host of other issues.

Joy Morin Color in My Piano–Joy Morin Color In My Piano website has lots of downloadable resources, free for the music piano teacher. You will also find many new ideas on her site.

Experienced teachers are great teachers, they share a lot and should be worth your tuition all the way through.

If you are looking for a dependable teacher in Perth, consider our classes as you will be in good hands.

Your Best Piano tutor In Perth

Piano Tutors Perth has teachers for all levels and Style. It also doesn’t matter whether you are in the East Perth, West Perth, South Perth or North Perth. We will reach you – Anywhere in Perth. Piano Lessons Perth conducts classes online or if the students prefer, we visit their Perth home. Send us a message today to start your musical journey! 

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