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Frequently Asked Questions


Piano Teacher Recruitment Process: What to Expect


piano teacher jobs available

We are a young dynamic team of professionals (average age 22) operating a professional Australia wide piano teaching business that has grown to 200+ students in less than 18 months.

Our company goal is to disrupt the current piano lessons industry with a fresh contemporary approach to piano teaching.

We are currently hiring Piano teachers all around Australia to join our existing energetic team!

If you are the right candidate, we offer great reimbursements and opportunities to grow.

No experience teaching? No worries! We fully train our teachers and our administration support team are always available to answer any questions you may have about teaching.

However, we expect all teachers to have a sound knowledge of general music theory and be able to read sheet music. No need to worry about teaching materials either, we will provide everything you need.

It is preferable that our teachers own a car to be able to drive to students homes in various locations.

Piano teachers travelling to students’ homes are often geared more towards teaching families with children, though we also have some adult students taking piano lessons in their homes.

Travel radius is an important factor for these piano teaching jobs. The further you are willing to travel, the more potential students we will have for you, however the greater the travel time the less you will be earning per hour. It is important for you to balance these considerations when applying for a job as a piano teacher, as you will be setting your own travel radius.

Our travelling piano teachers receive a flat rate fee per home visited.

Piano jobs for classical piano teachers:

Our works for classical piano teachers are perhaps more competitive, as there are more university-qualified classical piano teachers than in other styles. However, we also receive the greatest number of requests for classical piano teachers, so we always have works available to meet this demand.

We are proud to have a growing roster of world-class classical piano teachers, with performance experience at the highest levels. However, it is worth mentioning that our business is focused on piano education, and we have rejected work applications from top-tier classical pianists when there have been hints of overconfidence, unfriendliness, or any apparent lack of adaptability to students’ needs.

We encourage our piano teachers to follow our teaching methods based on their philosophies around learning, provided that there is a focus on fun, enjoyment, and adapting piano lessons to individual students’ needs, learning styles, and musical interests.

Our biggest category of piano students is children and adult beginners (though we also have some very advanced classical piano students). We do not require that our classical piano teachers have played Carnegie Hall, and we love hearing from classical piano teachers who have great approaches to teaching beginner students.

Piano tutoring work for jazz piano teachers:

We have many works available for jazz piano teachers, as there is generally a shortage of jazz piano teachers relative to the requests we receive for jazz piano lessons.

When considering jazz piano teachers for these works we look for an ability to improvise and teach through improvisation and a knowledge of jazz chord theory.

If applying for a jazz piano teaching work in the UK or Canada, familiarity with the ABRSM or Conservatory Canada jazz syllabus will give you an advantage, as many of the piano teachers we speak to do not have experience with this, and we do receive requests from students following the jazz piano syllabus.

Versatility and familiarity with a variety of musical genres also puts you at an advantage for our jazz piano teacher works, as we have requests from students interested in learning a wide range of jazz piano styles.

Piano teaching job for pop/rock piano teachers:

Requests for pop/rock piano teachers are becoming increasingly popular, and we have works available to meet this demand.

Our works for pop/rock piano teachers require an ability to teach through chords, by ear, and improvisation, as well as through notated sheet music.

Familiarity with electronic music production, composing/songwriting, singing and accompanying your vocals, and playing with bands are a few elements that give your pop/rock piano teaching work application an advantage.

We use the term “pop/rock” to cover a wide range of styles from oldies to electronic music, hip-hop, folk, R&B, gospel, contemporary christian, modern pop/rock, and other contemporary musical genres. The more versatility you have as a pop/rock pianist and piano teacher, the better.

Job teaching piano lessons to young children:

Teaching piano lessons to children under age 6 is a specialised skill. We receive requests from parents with children as young as 2, and always have works for piano teachers who have teaching methods catered to young ages.

Piano lessons for very young children often involve general musicianship development. In your piano teacher work application we’d love to hear how you approach these types of piano lessons, whether it’s through musical games, singing, clapping, dancing, and/or piano-based activities.

Work teaching piano lessons to adult beginners:

We receive a large number of requests for piano lessons for adult beginners, from ages ranging from late teens and 20s to retirement age.

Our works teaching piano lessons to adults require applicants to demonstrate patience, adaptability, and a student-focused approach to teaching. Our adult piano students are generally looking for a well-organised structure for their learning, but also flexibility, as they may be balancing their piano playing with work, family, travel, and other life activities and commitments.

Work teaching piano lessons to students with special needs:

These piano teaching works focus on piano lessons for children and adults with ADHD, autism, and other learning challenges, which are frequent requests.

Experience teaching special needs and training or experience in music therapy are assets for these works.

If you don’t have experience or training in working with special needs piano students but are interested in the field and have a thought-through method for tackling special needs piano teaching, we are happy to consider you for our works teaching piano to students with special needs.

We work hard to place our advanced students with the best possible piano teacher match, and will take into consideration the piano teacher’s professional focus, musical interests, and teaching approach.

When applying for our works teaching piano to advanced students be sure to tell us about your performing experience, and provide any details that could impress potential students and get them excited about taking piano lessons with you.